Dear Llewellyn Parents and Supporters,

As we have seen in the past, class sizes at Llewellyn are on the rise.  As our enrollment increases it is more vital than ever to work together to provide additional teachers in the building to reduce those numbers.  

In 2012-2013, the Llewellyn Elementary Foundation raised over $60,000 thanks to the generous support of our families and community.  With a surplus of funds from the prior year we were able to reach our goal (and then some) of $100,000.  With these funds our principal, Joe Galati, was able to hire one additional classroom teacher and one Educational Assistant.  Llewellyn now has four classroom teachers for grades 2-5 and a part time teacher to assist in the 1st grade classrooms.

As a result of these hirings, the Foundation is starting the year at a zero balance.  We need to nearly double our fundraising efforts from last year to meet our current goal of $100,000.  We are confident we can meet this goal, but we need your help!

Please consider donating to the Foundation today. It is a powerful way to make a difference for students at Llewellyn.  As always, donations are tax-deductible.

Foundation = Teachers


The Llewellyn Foundation Board
Chair:  Randy Koch
Vice Chair Events:  Staci MacDonald

Vice Chair Communications:  Stacey Lovett

Treasurer:  Todd Brugger

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