What is the Llewellyn Foundation?


Llewellyn foundation is a local school foundation under the Umbrella of the Portland Schools Foundation (PSF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The parents on the Llewellyn Foundation board work with the Principal to raise money to help fund teaching positions not covered by Portland Public Schools. 


Monthly Donors

Monthly Donors donate on a monthly basis to the Foundation.  The Foundation's goal of raising $100,000 can be reached if every family at Llewellyn donated $1 - $5 a day. To become a Monthly Donor today by visiting  www.allhandsraised.org.

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Frequent Questions

What is the Llewellyn Foundation? What is the Portland Schools Foundation? How does the Foundation raise money? What has the Foundation supported in the past? Why do we need a Foundation? The answers to these and many other questions can be found here.

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Our Mission

We are proud Llewellyn parents who raise money with the sole purpose of funding our school with teacher positions not covered by Portland Public Schools.

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This an original composition by Sonya Yun http://www.myspace.com/ilikesourgrapes Video, music recording, upright bass and additional guitar by Dan Kaufman http://www.pdxk.com Still photography by Kris Lattimore http://krislattimore.com/ This video was written as a way to raise funds for the Llewellyn Foundation http://www.thellewellynfoundation.org but we feel has a larger message about supporting education.
This is a song composed around 1970 by Llewellyn Grandmother Ruth W Scott ( 1931-2009) song by several children from Llewellyn Elementary in winter 2012. Music teacher Mrs. Parente played the keyboard and helped teach the children the song along with Ann Scott who is one of the parents.