What is the Llewellyn Elementary Foundation?
Llewellyn Elementary Foundation is a local school foundation under the Umbrella of the Portland Schools Foundation (PSF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The parents on the Llewellyn Elementary Foundation board work with the Principal to raise money to help fund teaching positions not covered by Portland Public Schools. In contrast, the PTA helps fund activities, field trips, performances, and purchase of supplies. Our PTA and Foundation work together to make Llewellyn the most enriching and educational experience possible for your child!

What is the Portland Schools Foundation?
Started in 1995, The Portland Schools Foundation (PSF) is an independent, community-based organization that mobilizes the money, leadership, ideas, and the political support necessary to ensure a world-class public education for every child, in every school, in every Portland neighborhood.

How does the Llewellyn Elementary Foundation raise money?
We seek the support of parents, neighbors and local business for direct donations and we hold annual events to raise money and build our community.

For the year 2015/2016 our goal is to raise $100,000 which would help us maintain the excellent programs we have at Llewellyn Elementary for the 2016/2017 year.

We have received contributions from $5.00 to $10,000.00 and honor them all!

What has the Llewellyn Elementary Foundation supported in the past?

Foundation funds have helped fund teaching positions and programs like the ones listed below in years past.

*Class Size Reduction
*Physical Education
*Computer Science

Why do we need a Foundation?
Funding for Oregon schools is centralized and is allocated by State government on a per pupil basis. Since school districts do not have the ability to directly raise funds, the Llewellyn Elementary Foundation provides additional money to reduce the impact of statewide funding limitations.

Why should I have to pay more, I pay taxes?
We all share responsibility to ensure continued academic excellence and enrichment for our children at Llewellyn Elementary and for all children. Without Foundation support, Llewellyn’s Kids would have fewer teachers, larger class sizes and limited special programs like music, P.E., and library.

Who determines how the Foundation money is allocated?
The principal allocates the funds raised. The Site Council is in constant contact with the principal as are the PTA and Foundation boards. Important short and long term goals must be considered in the allocation each year. All allocations must be in keeping with the School Improvement Plan.

The Site Council is comprised of the principal, Joesph Galati, and parent and teacher representatives.

Is the Llewellyn Elementary Foundation required to give some of our donations to Portland Public Schools (what is the Equity Fund) ?
Because not all 85 Portland Public School District schools have the same opportunity to raise money through parents and community organizations, 1/3 of the Foundation's proceeds, after the first $10,000, is set aside in an ‘equity fund’. This fund is administered by the Portland Schools Foundation to support grants primarily intended to support lower income schools.

Schools and community non-profits can write a grant requesting funds for projects from the equity fund; awards are based on need and rationale for boosting student achievement. The PPS Equity Fund has attracted national attention for its creative and collaborative approach to addressing disparities in school funding and has awarded more than $7 million in grants to schools in need.

How do I make a donation?
The Llewellyn Elementary Foundation welcomes direct donations at any time. 
Payments can be made one time, monthly or quarterly installments.

You can leave or mail a check at the Llewellyn office:
          Llewellyn Elementary Foundation
          6301 SE 14th
          Portland, OR, 97202

Contribute directly through: 
         Portland Schools Foundation
         2069 NE Hoyt St          
         Portland, OR 97232




Click here to donate one time or set up monthly donations by credit card.
(BE SURE TO SELECT LLEWELLYN ES in the school selection).

Funds contributed directly to the Foundation are fully tax-deductible. Portland Schools Foundation is a section 501(c)(3) corporation under the federal tax laws.
Tax ID is #93-1149789